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Marbleous Home Design

With the technological advancements aiding in the extraction and processing of stone, the age-old perception of marble being inaccessible, expensive and suitable only for conventional applications to instil grandeur in large spaces has become redundant. Proven to be a great choice in designing furniture, artefacts and accessories, marble, evidently, has reached a point where it serves the demands of designers and decorators in the vocation of artistic processing.

Having been around for centuries, marble ispolished, elegant and is a sophisticated stone. It elevates the look of any space and adds opulence to it. An evergreen trend in art, architecture and design marble continues to be the protagonist in the industry with its superiority in strength, maintenance, and durability as compared to other conventional materials.

A popular choice for flooring in luxury bathrooms, this natural stone is no longer restricted to the walls and floors anymore. Today, the applications of marble and other stones in various design constructions are myriad. Luxurious marble floorings impressively ordain any space in homes. Textured marble flooring in the foyer or a small medallion inlay in the living room acts as a focal point and gives it a pristine touch.

Highly used for the designing of iconic bathtubs, washbasins, benches and shelves, the versatile utility of marble has transformed the visual appeal of bathrooms. Water, humidity and temperature are major determinants for bathroom spaces, making it essential to choose a material prudently. Marble, as a material, is resistant to wearing and therefore amalgamates perfectly in these conditions and is hence considered ideal for such spaces. Available in two finishes—polished and honed; polished marble is glossy, reflects light and displays colours and veins while honed marble is satiny, smooth, has a lesser reflection of light and is textured. The latter is commonly used in floors, on stairs and other areas with high footfall density.

Along with marble, granite is also a growing trend for kitchen countertops; its character and elegance make it a classic option for any type of kitchen. As it is resistant to heat, granite can withstand the heat from the utensils—neither does it blacken nor does it get stained with burn marks, retaining the aesthetic vision with which it had been installed.Whether one uses this natural stone as an accent wall or a backsplash, irrespectively, it creates a niche statement to contemporary homes. The slabs not only refresh any space that reads clean but also, sets the tone of warm or cool conferring upon the choice of texture and pattern.

Marble furniture is catching up in the spheres of décor and interior designing, redefining the definition of a modern home.Furniture Designers all over the world are embracing the uber-cool and chic trend of the stone’s application. Exquisite tables have been designed with marble slabs.Combining two or more types of marble, granite or any natural stone gives the freedom to play with colours, patterns and designs. Materials such as marble respond eclectically to all aesthetic requirements and combine ‘marbelously’ with wood, glass or any other material to create impressive compositions.

A-Class Marble, is a one stop solution to create a ‘Marbleous’ home. For high footfall density spaces such as foyers and living room our collections —Signature, Pristine and Classique are the perfect options. In kitchens and their countertops, the Rustica collection is quite desirable, while in bathrooms, the Poise collection has been crafted to be an ideal selection.The exclusive collection of Statuario, Bronze Amani, Michel Angelo and Grey William is a favoured choice for wall cladding. Likewise, Pink Onyx, Smokey Onyx, Banoffe Onyx and semi-precious stones like quartz agates are a great option for backlit installations, and as countertop material in dining tables and centre tables. Avant Garde textured stone like Basaltino, Crocodile Black, Ocean Black, Mocha Cream Leather are commonly used on the façade and exterior garden space. The Opera collection is curated to seamlessly blend with living spaces, bathrooms and as a material for highlight walls. A-Class Marble has widened the possibility of usage of the material by developing slabs designed using the latest, state-of-the-art technology which are available in innovative formats in various combinations. To add to this, the finished product has been achieved in a way to ease the process of packaging and transportation, due to being lightweight and as per thickness specifications.

Ramesh Bhandari, Director A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd.