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Why luxury brands choose Italian marbles?

Marble is a beautiful natural rock. It is a unique rock that occurs in large deposits which can be hundreds of feet thick and geographically extensive. It existed for millions of years, hidden in the ground before humans brought it to light. Artists, architects, and designers love working around this luxurious stone.

Marble is mined in quarries around the world in places like Italy and Colorado. The demand for Italian marble is high worldwide. The three main types of Italian marble are Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuario. Carrara is the most commonly used form of marble. Statuario is the most precious and most expensive of these Italian marbles.

This blog covers the various reasons as to why luxury brands choose Italian marble.


Italian marble is pure, known for its durability and it is admired for its veining. Statuario marble has distinct veining throughout and its colors range from gold to gray. The overall pattern is striking and bold.


Statuario marble is one of the most exclusive stone in the world and this makes it precious.

Single source

In the entire world, Italian marble comes from different quarries and the quarries are located in Tuscany. 

Best quality

Italian marble is made in areas where the limestone has the least amount of impurities in it, which means it is best in quality and strength.

Best hands on

Italian marble is a rare marble which is cut and carved by highly skilled cutters and carvers in the stone world today.



Staturaio marble has diverse indoor applications such as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom cabinets, and floor tiles.

Quality & precision

Italian quarries have the highest standards for quality control. Everything right from selecting and cutting the blocks to packaging and shipping is done with care and precision.


Each piece of this marble is unique and offers a natural design element for your home.

Hallmark of luxury

Italian marble is beautiful and has a reputation for luxury.