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Choosing a suitable kitchen countertop

An appropriate kitchen countertop can liven up your kitchen and make it look chic and suave. It is recommended that, homeowners assess the way they live before settling on a countertop surface. However,if you have your heart set on a certain look, but the material just doesn't match with your lifestyle, the odds are there is another material that has the potential to comply much better with your taste. Listed below are some pointers that one must keep in mind while choosing a kitchen countertop.

Find a suitable fit

Choosing a countertop based on looks alone is a tempting thought. The material's durability, maintenance and, cost are all important factors to consider when making a selection for a kitchen model.  It is ideal to visit a showroom that has full-scale kitchens on display to get a thorough idea of the quality and aesthetic. In an establishment like such, you will see various countertop materials in realistic kitchen settings that will help you select your best fit accordingly.

Choose carefully

From laminate counters to plastic laminate to wood counters to marble stone counters, there are numerous varieties of countertop options available in the market. With a wide range of solid colours and patterns available, including ones that resemble stone, plastic laminates makes for a good material. When consideringwooden counters, that are available in several hardwood species, it is advisable to not use them near sinks or other wet areas.

Marble vs Stone

Natural stone counters are quite common. These are cut from granite, soapstone, limestone, sandstone, and slate, to name a few.  An engineered product called Quartz composite, is an alternative to stone and is extremely hard and more stain-resistant than natural stone.Another popular countertop material is marble, but because it’s calcium-based, it is softer and less scratch-resistant than granite. Since marble requires sealing more often, it can also be factory-sealed prior to fabrication, which dramatically increases its stain resistance. Italian marble such as the Italian Statuario, Michel Angelo Marble and Onyx Marble make for great countertops.                                                                                                           


Be wary of the edges

It is important to take into consideration the edges of a surface to avoid any accidental injuries while working on the kitchen surface. The availability of edges varies based on countertop materials.Square edges are standard on most countertops, but decorative edges like radius, bull nose, bevel, etc.are great for customizing the kitchen.


Mix and match

In case you cannot decide on just one material, mix and match surfaces. For example, use a different material on islands than the rest of the countertops to differentiate the space. You could also inset another material into a countertop for specific tasks, in order to make it interesting. Whatever be your choice the most important thing is to see the surface in person, before making a decision on a countertop material. With our exquisitely crafted signature pieces, A-Class Marble helps you bring the best of technology, and luxury to your house and make a statement with your personal style.


Ramesh Bhandari

Director, A-Class Marble India Pvt. Ltd.